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2021-22 Mitigation Sign off document

Culpeper County Public Schools 

Participation in Athletics Activities 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase III Mitigation Plan 7- 8- 21 


School-based athletic competitions have long been an important part of the education of youth  and a source of pride and entertainment for the community. In order to allow our students to  once again enjoy participation in these activities during the coronavirus pandemic, Culpeper  County Public Schools (CCPS) has developed the following, Participation in Athletic Activities  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase III Mitigation Plan (hereafter referred to as the “Athletic  Activities Mitigation Phase III Plan”) for students, parents, coaches, staff, and volunteers to be  able to return to athletic activities with guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the  Governor’s Office, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), the Virginia Department of  Health (VDH) and the Virginia High School League (VHSL).  

Team Athletic Activity and the Increased Risk of Coronavirus Infection and  Quarantining 

Team sports increases the risk of the spread of the coronavirus for participants in a number of  ways: athletes are not wearing protective facial masks during play while engaged in close  proximity to one another where rapid, heavier breathing, bodily contact and perspiration occurs;  players touch a common ball or equipment; they share tighter, enclosed spaces like locker rooms  and team buses. Therefore, if a player or coach on the team is infected with the coronavirus there  is a likelihood several members of the team and coaching staff will have to quarantine for up to  fourteen (14) days. If a member of the opposing team is determined to be infected, the student athletes on the field, court, or mat with the infected player may be quarantined. The decision to  quarantine a student-athlete or coach is made by the School Nurse or the School Division Nurse  Coordinator and is not subject to appeal to any school administrator, public health official, or  private health care provider.  

Points of Contact 

The point of contact person for any questions regarding the Athletic Activities Mitigation  Plan will be the Activities Director at each high school and middle school:  

EVHS-Mark Settle (540) 825-0621 Ext. 2017
CCHS- Danny Nobbs
(540) 825-8310 Ext. 6219
CMS- Norman Schmidt
(540) 825-4140 Ext. 4603 
FTBMS- Mike McCombs
(540) 829-6894 Ext. 4256

Any significant updates or changes to Athletic Activities Phase III Mitigation Plan will be  distributed to students, parents, coaches, and volunteers through email, hand-outs, CCPS  websites, or media releases as available. 

Student Participation Requirements 

Each student and parent will sign they have read the requirements for participation and  agree to adhere to the mitigation measures.  

An acknowledgement of the assumption of risk that the activity may present for  becoming infected with the Coronavirus.  

An acknowledgment of responsibility to protect self and others from infection by  following disease prevention measures.  

Student-Athletes must have a current (dated after May 1, 2021) VHSL physical form on  file with the Activities Director. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Student-athletes and parents must have read the CCPS Student-Athlete Handbook and  viewed the Athletic Trainers’ Concussion Management presentation available on  secondary schools’ webpage, and submit all signed accompanying forms as directed. 

Note: Failure to submit signed documents as required, to accurately self-report COVID 19 symptoms or risk factors and follow the Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention  measures will be cause for suspension from athletic activities for a period of time or  removal from the team.  

Training of Staff and Volunteers 

Prior to working with students, activities directors, coaches, and volunteers will be trained by  a school nurse or athletic trainer in the following: recognizing symptoms and risk factors  associated with COVID-19; proper personal hygiene; communicable disease prevention  measures specific to different environments, equipment, and circumstances. These  persons will be given copies of the Athletic Activities Phase III Mitigation Plan and the  VHSL Guidelines for Return to Participation for their sport.  

Activities directors will coordinate with School Environmental Services supervisors related to  training custodians in proper cleaning and sanitizing spaces, equipment, and surfaces as  provided for in the Athletics Mitigation Plan. 

Training of Students 

Prior to participation in an activity, students will be trained by a coach in the following:  recognizing symptoms and risk factors associated with COVID-19; proper personal hygiene;  communicable disease prevention measures specific to different environments, equipment,  and circumstances. Coaches will also train each student in the mitigation strategies for their  sport or academic activity as detailed in VHSL Guidelines for Return to Participation. 

Coronavirus Testing 

CCPS is participating in a pilot program with the Virginia Department of Health to obtain  BinaxNOW antigen testing kits for the purpose of diagnostic testing symptomatic students (and  staff ) and for screening non-symptomatic students (and staff) for infection with the coronavirus..  Parents of students under age 18 will be notified before testing in order to give consent. The  testing will be conducted by the school nurse in a private location.  

Diagnostic testing using the BinaxNOW Antigen Test will be offered for any student-athlete, coach, or  volunteer under the following circumstances: 

1) Person is experiencing symptoms for COVID-19. Depending upon the specific symptoms and  risk factors of the person, a negative test result may allow for continued attendance at school or  work. A follow-up Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test may be necessary before returning to  school or work.  

2) Person experienced a specific exposure to an infected person at school or work.  3) Person is believed to be a close contact of an infected person. The test will offered on day five (5)  after the close contact exposure. If test result is negative, the student or staff may return to school  or work on day eight (8) provided the person remains asymptomatic. 

Refusal to Participate in Testing  

If the parents or student refuses to give consent to take the BinaxNOW antigen test for infection  with the coronavirus, the student will be excluded from participation in athletics up to fourteen  (14) days. The student may also be excluded from attending school or school activities. There is  no appeal of the decision of the school nurse to request a student to participate in testing.  


Directions to physically (social) distance, wash/sanitize hands, and clean shared equipment  before and after use will be posted in areas of the school where it is needed.  

Handwashing and Hand Sanitizing 

All persons are expected to wash (for a least 20 seconds) or sanitize their hands frequently  throughout the day, particularly after coughing, sneezing or touching their hands on their face.  Washing or sanitizing should occur before drinking or eating, and when handling a document  or object shared with another person. Using products with at least 60% alcohol is  recommended.

Coughing, Sneezing, & Face Touching 

Coughing or sneezing in your sleeve, elbow, or handkerchief is needed to prevent the spread  of air droplets that may contain disease. Cleaning or disinfecting skin, clothing, or  handkerchief after using them to block air droplets is needed.  

Mask Wearing 

The wearing of masks for students, staff, and visitors who are not fully vaccinated is  recommended, but is not mandatory. Fully vaccinated persons do not need to wear a mask on  school property. 

Physical Distancing  

Keeping a physical distance of six (6) feet or greater from other persons when interacting  without a mask on is recommended for persons not fully vaccinated. 

Sharing of Athletic Equipment 

Each sport and activity has its own equipment and sanitation guidelines that coaches and  activity sponsors are expected to follow. These include cleaning and disinfecting equipment  prior to use.  

Sharing of Water 

Students will be required to supply their own containers of water. Students engaged in exercise  should have a 1 gallon size container. Refills of water containers should follow procedures that  limit touching of the spigot or fountain by a single staff member with gloves. No shared drinking  devices are allowed to be used.  

Weight Room Equipment 

Weight equipment requires shared use and requires special attention. The following procedures  will be expected for weight room use: 

The equipment will be cleaned and sanitized after each morning, afternoon, and evening  workout session by custodial staff. 

Weight equipment should be sanitized to the extent practicable prior to and after use. Hand sanitizer/wipes should be plentiful and readily available for wiping equipment  between student usages.

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